The Future Champions Foundation, is a private non-profit entity, we are in Colombia, and we are currently working in 3 Colombian cities Cali, Cartagena and Quibdó. Our main objective is to promote, encourage, support and sponsor children and young people affected by violence and extreme poverty to practice different sports disciplines, looking for a professional and personal growth for them.

We create meeting places for young people and children, where they can interact, socialize, learn and live the sport as a way of life, as a healthy way to improve the body and mind, also focusing on integration, solidarity, commitment and the family.

We want our children to trained with the best equipment  and the best education for their professional future,  we want them to have a chance to become professionals or to give them the possibility of accessing College SportsScholarships in Colombia or the USA.

Mission: In the Future Champions Foundation, our main mission is to help children and young people with limited resources to offer them through education and sports an opportunity to change their perspective on the world, their environment and their own capacities.

We want to create healthy habits in their lives, That they find a positive stimulus in the practice of sports, in spite of the adversities and the violence that surrounds them.  To sow values ​​in them based on fair play, discipline,commitment, teamwork and strategy.

Vision: We want to change the future of our children, investing in their training and their dreams.


jugador, dayvi balanta

Deivy Balanta

Cauca Colombia

jugador, ricardo laborde

Ricardo Laborde

Cartagena Colombia

jugador, juan pino

Juan Pablo Pino

Cartagena Colombia

jugador, willmar barrios

Wilmar Barrios

Cartagena Colombia

jugador, cristian marrugo

Cristian Marrugo

Cartagena Colombia

jugador, carlos sanchez

Carlos A. Sanchez

Quibdó Choco Colombia


The Future Champions Foundation currently works in 3 cities in Colombia. In order to continue promoting, encouraging, supporting and sponsoring children and young people so that they can practice different sports, our aim is to be able to reach more children in more cities.


The Future Champions Foundation relies on the generosity of individual donors, corporate sponsors, foundations and international organizations to help sustain and improve our current programs, as well as establishing new programs in more vulnerable communities throughout Colombia.


Thanks to the support of many people, we have been able to help fulfill the dreams and goals of many young children in Colombia. We want to continue helping them to be OUR FUTURE CHAMPIONS.


Phone: +57-2-888-1949
Direction: Cra 3a #12-40 Oficina 209

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